Promoting Computational Thinking

Who are we ?

Kurious EduTech is on a mission to provide students inclusive, comprehensive, 21st century education. We assist schools to skill students in latest technologies, help them develop higher order thinking, sustainable thinking and in becoming innovators of tomorrow.

What we believe ?

  • Computational Thinking is not all about computers and programming. It’s about one’s thought process, approach to solve problems. It is the fundamental skill of 21st century.
  • Students should be skilled to be innovators and problem solvers than consumers
  • Skilling students in latest technologies – Computational Thinking, Design Thinking, AI, Programming, Internet of Things and making them future ready.
  • Helping students to develop higher order thinking and sustainable thinking
  • Science is an art and must be learnt through experimentation and observation
  • Curiosity is the key to learning

What we do ?

  • Teaching 21st century skills – Computational Thinking, Design Thinking, Programming and Internet of Things.
  • Integrating computational thinking in school education
  • Promoting experiment-based science education in schools
  • Continuous professional development for school teachers
  • Implementing National Education Policy 2020

Why is CT the need of the hour ?

Computation thinking is a unique combination of skills that helps learners – learn to learn. With the rapid change in technology, our students will work on jobs that don’t even exist today. This requires an ability to continuously learn and the skill to address unseen problems.

Why do we need experimental education ?

Experiment based learning helps students develop curiosity, scientific temper, cognitive learning skills. It helps shape students to become scientists of tomorrow.

Why do you need programming ?

  • Programming is essentially logic.
  • Learning to code helps your child develop problem solving skills, logic, thinking ability, creativity, a sense of appreciation of how things work, ability to automate, collaborate and confidence.
  • Learning at a young age gives them more space and time to develop these skills, become efficient and resilient.

How we do ?

  • We collaborate with school management, government and corporate organizations to skill students in 21st century skills.
  • We organize workshops, float activity-based courses in the domains of computational thinking, Design thinking, Programming, AI, Internet of Things.
  • Frugal science kits aligned to the curriculum to promote experiment-based learning, extended learning and the 7C’s of education.
  • Tailormade workshops for teachers to teach and integrate 21st century education in schools.

How are we unique ?

We integrate problem solving, computational thinking and design thinking with programming to train students to be diverse coders.

Our Products

We Build

Our Framework

Our Goals

We work with educational institutes, non-profit and corporate companies, government institutions with the following goals:

Teach & Practice

To help students learn and practice computational thinking through worksheet and activity-based learning


To integrate computational thinking in teaching core subjects – mathematics, science, art, social sciences, sports

Scientific Temper

To develop curiosity and scientific temper in the school children and, to shape the future scientists through experimental and experiential learning.

Professional Development

Provide contemporary and innovative development for STEAM teachers and educators

Empower Sharing

Empower teachers to create and share their work


To accelerate research and development of computational thinking and experiment-based learning.

How to get involved ?

Students/ Parents/ Schools

  • Collaborate with us to help your students be future ready 
  • Develop scientific temper by learning through experimentation
  • Avail the opportunity to understand the need and to develop 21st century skills


  • Integrating Computational thinking and ICT in teaching 
  • To make teaching interesting, innovative and help students learn to learn
  • Learn about modern assessments
  • Share your work with global educators


  • Sponsor schools, teachers, students for CT education
  • Help develop the culture of experiment-based science education
  • Get involved with research and development of 21st century learning

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