Workshop on 21st century education skills

21st Century Education Skills program is an effort to provide a platform for school teachers and students to understand the importance and need for fundamental and essential skills of the 21st century – computational thinking, design thinking, AI and coding. Our speakersaddressed various topics ranging from computational skills, NEP, to using ICT in classrooms. The event was organized through virtual reality mode on 22 November, 2020

Workshop on computational thinking for school children

Computational thinking is recognized as the fundamental skill of the century and it is essential for our students to sustain and flourish in the upcoming future. The skill is the need of the hour as it equips the student with a unique ability to become successful, diverse product developers and problem solvers. This workshop conducted in virtual reality mode on 20 December, 2020 introduced students to the notion of computational thinking and its applications in day to day life.

Webinar for integrating ICT, computational thinking in teaching core subjects

This webinar was held in collaboration with G.D.Goneka, Siluguri for empowering teachers with the new skill. Computational thinking makes learning interesting, elucidates the learning objectives, emphasizes creating knowledge rather than using information, presents endless possibilities to creatively approach and solve problems, motivates students to be curious. The webinar intended to introduce computational thinking, its necessity and how ICT and computational thinking can be integrated in teaching core subjects.The event was held in virtual reality mode on 23 December, 2020.